“ChangePA was the game-changer for my campaign.” 

— Rep. Joe Webster

The generous donors of the PA Alliance have given us a $50,000 challenge grant that will double your contribution until July 1! Now is the time to donate!

Hear Rep. O’Mara explain how she flipped a traditionally GOP seat and what

we need to do to win a Democratic majority in the Pennsylvania State House.



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“ChangePA’s support gave me the financial boost I needed—to spend my time at the doors, listening and speaking with people, instead of having to ask for money.” 

— Rep. Melissa Shusterman

$50,000 Challenge Grant until July 1!

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Who We Are

Time for Change

We are a Political Action Committee dedicated to flipping the Pennsylvania House from Republican to Democrat.

Our goal for the 2022 elections is to help elect and retain enough Democratic state representatives to sustain the veto of a new Democratic governor.

ChangePA is actively raising money today because we believe early money—before the end of June 2022—is critical.


ChangePA conducts year round efforts to find and support strong candidates in Republican-held districts that have the potential to be flipped. Using a rigorous candidate selection process, ChangePA is able to contribute where funds will make the biggest difference and at the time the candidates most need help.​ We have no paid staff, so every dollar we raise above expenses goes to candidates.​

ChangePA focuses on State House races because they receive less public attention and less funding than elections to the U.S. Congress—so ChangePA’s contributions have a big impact.

Throw Pennsylvania Republicans Out of Office

As Pennsylvanians, our job in defending American democracy against the radical Republican agenda starts in our backyard:

  • Republicans have controlled the Pennsylvania Senate for the last thirty years, the State House for twenty-six of those thirty years, and both houses for the last ten years.

  • Pennsylvania ranks near the bottom on multiple social and economic indicators ranging from education funding and clean water to infrastructure and public health.

  • Pennsylvania Republican legislators are enthusiastic soldiers in a national assault on truth and democratic values.

  • Pennsylvania Republicans rigged the system with gerrymandered districts and continue efforts to unfairly limit access to voting.

Republican control of the Pennsylvania legislature has meant:

  • We are the only state that doesn’t tax fracking.

  • We cannot change our inequitable taxing system.

  • We underfund public education.

  • We cannot pass responsible gun control.

  • Women’s health care is under attack.

  • We are hostile to the environment.

  • Gerrymandering is a way of life.

It’s time for change.


Hon. Mark Bernstein (Ret.)

Laslo Boyd, Ph.D.

Anne Hagele

Ken Klothen

Kim Oxholm

Hon. Flora Wolf (Ret.)

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“ChangePA helped us to level the playing field. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart!”


— Rep. Danielle Friel Otten

Donations by check should be made out to ChangePA and mailed to

ChangePA, 3006 Foxx Lane, Philadelphia, PA 19144.

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For this report, 3 leaders of ChangePA and the PA Blue Victory Fund interviewed 30 individuals involved in the 2020 elections, including 14 Democratic challengers and 5 incumbents.

State Representative Matt Bradford called the report, “about as thoughtful and high-level summary of what went on as I read from some of the best political strategists who would pretend to give advice to us as legislative leaders.” Here are some of the report’s highlights.


The election was dominated by the presence of Donald Trump at the top of the Republican ticket. Although all the candidates we interviewed achieved higher vote totals in their districts than ever beforerecord high Republican voter turnout, combined with gerrymandered districts, created a perfect storm for Democratic candidates for the Pennsylvania State House. Meanwhile, polling was generally way off the mark


Lessons for 2022 


  • Campaigning needs to start well before the year of the election.

  • Candidate messaging needs to incorporate on-the-ground and personal knowledge of the district.  

  • Early money is critical. Rather than holding most funds until the last months, candidates need resources early to define themselves to voters and to respond to attack ads. 


Next Steps for ChangePA

The mission of ChangePA remains unchanged: 


  • Win a Democratic State House majority

  • Commit to a year-round, cycle-to-cycle, two-year effort within target districts. 

  • Build and sustain citizen focus on Pennsylvania state government

  • Expand fundraising to include efforts that support election infrastructure, messaging, and strategy


Read the full report here.

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Events & News

ChangePA House Parties

Raise Over $120,000!

Webster Omara Bradford Ciamacca.jpg

ChangePA was thrilled to host numerous successful House Parties in 2021! With your help, we raised much needed funds for our mission to help Democratic candidates win State House seats, and we met—and exceeded—a $60,000 challenge grant!

We were honored to have four State Representatives and one candidate for the State House as our guests. Each gave us a unique window into their knowledge and experiences.

Deb Ciamacca talked about the lessons of 2020 and what she will be doing differently in 2021 and 2022 to build a winning campaign. Rep. Joe Webster talked about Republican plans to restrict voting in Pennsylvania and how to turn out the vote for Democrats. Rep. Jennifer O’Mara described her success campaigning in a tough district and her experiences as a Democratic legislator in Harrisburg. Rep. Matt Bradford outlined the process for redistricting based on the new Census numbers and explained his optimism for building a Democratic majority in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. Rep. Danielle Friel Otten talked about weaknesses in the Republican armor and recent advances that Democrats have made.

Thank you so much to these wonderful guests and to all of our House Party co-hosts, who brought so many fine people together united in a common cause—to change the Pennsylvania State House for the better. Please continue to donate—and spread the word!

Jennifer OMara Nominated to be Emilys List Rising Star!

ChangePA is excited to share that our friend State Representative Jennifer O’Mara was nominated for the Emily’s List Gabrielle Giffords Rising Star Award!

We are long-time supporters of Jenn, who recently spoke at one of our House Parties!

The Rising Star Award honors one woman each year who demonstrates the sort of commitment to community, dedication to women and families, and determination and civility that have been the highlights of the career of former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, in and out of office. Previous winners have included Stacey Abrams, Ayanna Pressley, and Philly’s own Helen Gym.

Jenn O'Mara Eising Star.jpg

This nomination was a big deal for Jenn and a huge recognition for her work as a State Representative.

For those of you who don’t know, Jenn is a second-term State Representative representing parts of Delaware County. Her commitment to public service has been shaped by her challenging personal journey. Jenn is the daughter of a union firefighter. When she was thirteen years old, her father died by gun suicide, changing everything for her family. She moved to Delaware County, where her mother found a job as a school bus driver. Jenn became the first in her family to graduate college, eventually earning her Master’s and teaching certification from the University of Pennsylvania.


In 2018, Jenn became the youngest Democratic woman ever elected to the State House. As a freshman, she championed the passage into law of a bill to fully fund the Veterans Trust Fund, co-founded the bipartisan Student Debt Caucus to support Pennsylvania’s students, and fought for common sense gun legislation, expansion of access to affordable health care, and a woman’s right to choose.


Please join us in congratulating Jenn for this recognition!

Latest News

Ezra Klein Says That Steve Bannon Is Onto Something

January 10, 2022 —The right pays attention to where power lies in the American system. Bannon calls this “the precinct strategy,” and it’s working. To protect democracy, Democrats have to win more elections. To do that, they need to make sure the country’s local electoral machinery isn’t corrupted by the Trumpist right. 

What We Know About the High, Broad Turnout in the 2020 Election

 May 13, 2021 — 66.8% of eligible voters cast ballots in 2020, up from 60.1% in 2016 and the highest turnout rate since 1900. The boost was especially large among groups who have voted at lower rates. That suggests the 2020 election not only inspired high turnout overall, but also drew broader participation.

The Trump G.O.P.’s Plot Against Liz Cheney — and Our Democracy

May 11, 2021 — The GOP has declared that Trump’s ability to energize its base is so irreplaceable that it justifies accepting his Big Lie about the 2020 election and leveraging that lie to impose voter-suppression laws and changes in the rules of who can certify elections in order to lock in minority control for Republicans if need be. 

Stacey Abrams and Lauren Groh-Wargo: How to Turn Your Red State Blue

February 11, 2021 — To redefine the path to victory, each state must recognize that losing better is a crucial part of engineering a battleground state. Over time, with smart investments, sustained effort and a commitment to organizing and civic engagement across communities, we can create new competitive states.

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by Laslo Boyd, Ph.D.


May 23, 2022

Why Roe Is About to Be Overturned

All those Democrats who couldn’t quite bring themselves to vote for Hillary Clinton allowed Donald Trump to appoint three anti-choice Republicans to the Supreme Court. Democrats who didn’t bother to turn out in their State’s senatorial elections left the door open for Republican control of the legislative body that confirms or rejects new Justices. 


April 12, 2022

Time for PA Dems to Wake Up From Hibernation

Listening to the experts, Democrats face a trifecta of potentially insurmountable obstacles this November. Should Democrats just concede the election results and hope to do better the next time?


April 4, 2022

Is John Fetterman Making a Big Mistake?

A valuable guideline for candidates is to get your mistakes and vulnerabilities exposed and out of the way as early as possible. In refusing to debate this spring, Fetterman is running the risk that his first encounter with an issue where he is on the defensive will be when the stakes are the highest and without the benefit of live practice.