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On December 15, ChangePA is honored to be joined by U.S. Senators Bob Casey (PA) and Chris Coons (DE) 

at an event recognizing the urgency of winning a Democratic majority. Please join us. Click here to RSVP:


Who We Are

Time for Change

We are a Political Action Committee dedicated to flipping the Pennsylvania House from Republican to Democrat.


If we can flip nine more House seats in 2020 and defend the ones we already have, Democrats will be the majority. A new Democratic majority would result in more funding for our schools, support for women’s health, protection of the environment, responsible gun laws, and an end to hyper-partisan gerrymandering.

ChangePA’s goal for 2020 is to raise $350,000 and to provide 10 candidates with $35,000 each—10 for 2020! Currently, we are identifying seats to flip as well as seats that need to be protected. 

Republican control of the state legislature has meant:

  • We are the only state that doesn’t tax fracking!

  • We cannot change our inequitable taxing system!

  • We underfund public education!

  • We cannot pass responsible gun control!

  • Women’s health care is under attack!

  • We are hostile to the environment!

  • Gerrymandering is a way of life!

It’s time for change. Pennsylvania Republicans need to be thrown out of office.

We Make the Difference in Competitive Elections

Using a rigorous candidate selection process, ChangePA is able to contribute where funds will make the biggest difference and at the time the candidates most need help—tipping close races in our favor.​ 

ChangePA focuses on state House races because they receive less public attention and less funding than elections to the U.S. Congress—so ChangePA’s contributions have a big impact.


Spotlighted Republican Districts

We have identified 15 Republican-held districts in Southeast Pennsylvania where, based on previous election results, Democrats have the best opportunity to win seats in 2020. This list could be modified as we get closer to the election. For a larger version of the map, click here.


Using the same rigorous process that we employed in 2018 with great success, we will determine which Democrats to support with our funding in 2020 based on the district data, the strength of the incumbent, and the quality of the Democratic campaign.  ​

“ChangePA helped us to level the playing field. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart!”


 Rep. Danielle Friel Otten

We Have A Track Record of Success

ChangePA started in January 2017 as a series of brunch discussions among friends. From those modest beginnings, ChangePA raised and distributed more than $210,000 for the 2018 election.

On Election Day, 5 out of 6 Democrats supported by ChangePA won their elections to unseat Pennsylvania House Republicans. 


ChangePA ended the 2018 elections with over 450 individual donors who contributed online, by check, and at 14 house parties. Many people, recognizing the high stakes in the election, donated more than they ever had before to political candidates. We will need everyone to make a similar extra effort if we are to achieve our goals in 2020 and gain Democratic control of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. 10 for 2020!


Hon. Mark Bernstein (Ret.)

Laslo Boyd, Ph.D.

Michael Churchill, Esq.

S. David Fineman, Esq.

Tom Gilhool, Esq.

Barbara Gold, M.D.

Steven Gold, Esq.

Mary Goldman

Anne Hagele

Mary Hurtig

Joyce Norden

Kim Oxholm

Tobey Oxholm, Esq.

Linda Schleifer

Tasha Stonorov

Hon. Flora Wolf (Ret.)

Shelly Yanoff, Esq.

Hon. Mark Bernstein (Ret.)

Laslo Boyd, Ph.D.

Anne Hagele

Joyce Norden

Kim Oxholm

Linda Schleifer

Stephen Seplow

Hon. Flora Wolf (Ret.)

“ChangePA’s support gave me the financial boost I needed—to spend my time at the doors, listening and speaking with people, instead of having to ask for money.” 

— Rep. Melissa Shusterman

Donations by check should be made out to ChangePA and mailed to

Anne Hagele, 3006 Foxx Lane, Philadelphia, PA 19144


Who We Have Supported

I’m thankful for all of the people who voted and stepped forward to make their voices heard. I’m excited to represent constituent’s interests in Harrisburg, and I look forward to getting to know them personally.

61st Legislative District


ChangePA was the game-changer for my campaign. Their overall support—and timing—created an enormous amount of momentum when I needed it most. ChangePA’s goal was to be the difference-maker for progressive candidates in Pennsylvania. I'll vouch for that...on the floor of the Pennsylvania Legislature.

150th Legislative District


Thank you, ChangePA...! For every discouraging story in the news right now, theres a volunteer whos been inspired to get involved with a campaign for the first time, or a new organization with a plan to elect Democratic candidates. This is the time to achieve the change we want in our government. Lets keep the momentum going!

151st Legislative District


I pledged to take no corporate money for my campaign. The Oil & Gas lobbyists, Pharma PACs, and right wing donors were committed to putting up big money to ensure that the PA legislature continues to put the profit of big business before the people of Pennsylvania in our district. ChangePA helped us to level the playing field. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

155th Legislative District


ChangePA’s support gave me the financial boost I needed—to spend my time at the doors, listening and speaking with people, instead of having to ask for money. ChangePA is changing Pennsylvania for the better, and I am grateful for their support.

157th Legislative District


I’m so grateful for the support ChangePA provided me during my grassroots campaign. As a working-class candidate, their support gave me the ability to stay focused on voter contact by providing critical resources that could be used for postcards, texting, and direct mail. ChangePA set a goal to help flip state House districts, and they stayed true to that goal. With ChangePA’s help, we flipped the 165th!

165th Legislative District


ChangePA’s rigorous selection process included inviting every donor to a mini-convention where we chose our candidates to support. All of the chosen candidates were progressive Democratic candidates who were running in competitive Republican-held districts. We avoided contests where one party was the clear favorite, so our contributions made a real difference in tough races. 5 of our 6 chosen candidates are now sitting as State Representatives in Harrisburg.

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Events & News



Glenn Barnes & Ruth Shaber

PA Blue Victory Fund

Judy & Ken Weinstein

Majority Leader

Jon & Amy Ostroff

Majority Whip

Larry Bendesky

Jolley Christman

Thomas Duffy

Anne Hagele & Ken Kolodziej

Beth Rogers

David & Ilene Winikur

Committee Chair

Sheryl & Allen Bar

Michael Barrett

Linda & Mark Bernstein

Laslo Boyd & Flora Wolf

Jennifer Clarke & Alan Barstow

Pauline Cohen

Bob & Nancy Elfant

Evelyn Eskin & Dave Major

Bill Ewing

David Fineman

Tom and Gillian Gilhool

Terry Gillen

John & Susan Hansen-Flaschen

Margaret Harris

Krista Hixon

Eve & Ken Klothen

Marcia Kung

Marcia Makadon

Slade McLaughlin

Joseph Messa

Robert Mongeluzzi

Susan Muller

Stephanie & Michael Naidoff

Joyce Norden

Paul Offit

Kim & Tobey Oxholm

Tara Quinn

Hon. Mary Gay Scanlon

Linda Schleifer

Patty & Steve Segal

Walter Spencer

David & Betsy Wice

Dilys Winegrad

Phoebe Wood & Stephen Seplow

ChangePA Invites You to an Evening with U.S. Senators Bob Casey (PA) & Chris Coons (DE)

Sunday, December 15th, 2019

6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

the Residences at the Ritz-Carlton

1414 S. Penn Square, 2nd Floor

(Entrance to the Residences is across 

from the SW corner of City Hall)

We are honored that Senators Casey & Coons are helping ChangePA to turn the Pennsylvania House from Republican to Democratic control.

To take control of the Pennsylvania House, Democrats need to flip just nine seats. 

To attend, please RSVP with a donation of $100 or more.

Sponsors are invited to a pre-reception with Senators Casey & Coons before the public session.

Sponsorship Levels

$10,000 Speaker

$5,000 Majority Leader

$2,500 Majority Whip

$1,000 Committee Chair

Donations by check should be made out to ChangePA and mailed to Anne Hagele, 3006 Foxx Lane, Philadelphia, PA 19144.

Please RSVP to join us on December 15.

Party at the Fleisher!

Thank you for making the ChangePA “Thank you, Donors, and 2020 Kickoff Party” a huge success!!!


The beautiful Fleisher Art Memorial was packed with people who have the shared goal of winning a Democratic majority. Four of the candidates ChangePA supported in 2018 (Liz Hanbidge, Jennifer OMara, Danielle Otten, and Joe Webster) spoke about why your backing was key to their success—and how they are making progress in Harrisburg.

And one of the Democratic stars of the legislature, Leanne Krueger, newly appointed chair of the House Democratic Campaign Committee, told us about why electing more Democrats to the House in 2020 is so critical.

Thank you again! 10 for 2020 in the 2020 House races!!!

Franklin Institute Fundraiser

On April 1, 2019, ChangePA co-sponsored a fundraiser with the PA Blue Victory Fund and Turn PA Blue. Each with our own focus, we are working collaboratively to win Democratic control of the Pennsylvania legislature in 2020. Everyone agreed that the event was a big success, with nearly 200 in attendance and great food and lively conversation.

The highlight was a panel of newly elected legislators talking about what convinced them to run for office in 2018 and discussing the challenges that they have faced since arriving in Harrisburg. Their comments were inspiring—and underscored why it’s so important to send them more like-minded colleagues.

House Parties

ChangePA is holding house parties to raise contributions for the 2020 House races.


Because of your efforts, we are almost halfway to our $350,000 goal for winning a Democratic majority in 2020!

Every donor will be invited to a mini-convention where we will choose our candidates to support. 10 for 2020!

Latest News

Some Pennsylvania Democrats Regret Not Voting in 2016

August 24, 2019 — After backing a Democrat for president in every election since 1988, Pennsylvania swung behind Donald Trump in 2016, helping propel him to the presidency with a dramatic turnout of supportive white voters while turnout of black Democratic voters in urban areas fell.

August 14, 2019  

For the first time in 20 years, Democrats are entirely on the offensive in state legislative battles just before a redistricting cycle — and just in the nick of time for the future of their party.

It’s Not Just the White House in 2020. The Power to Draw Maps Is Also at Stake. 

July 5, 2019 — The New York Times explains one reason it’s so important to win Democratic majorities in state legislatures in 2020—including Pennsylvania. The election will determine who will redistrict congressional seats after the 2020 census.



Pa Blue Victory Fund Logo Lightened.png

ChangePA works with other political groups with similar objectives. We share election information, discuss campaign strategy, and utilize resources (such as volunteer placement efforts) that ChangePA does not maintain. Each group does its own fundraising.



by Laslo Boyd, Ph.D.

The View from the ICU

November 3, 2019

A central issue being debated by candidates seeking the nomination for president is what kind of health care system we should have. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, who are both in the top tier in most polls, are strongly advocating for “Medicare for All,” although a precise definition and a calculation of the cost and financing are far from settled. The other major contenders—itself a tricky matter of definition—have come out in favor of less sweeping changes in the current system.

I’d like to be able to tell you that I decided to take a deep dive into America’s health care system to better understand the various arguments, but the truth is that I recently got sick enough to end up in the ICU of Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia.

Have We Lost the Capacity for Responsible Self-Governance?

August 6, 2019

The number one question in the United States today is whether our response to the horrific events in El Paso and Dayton last week will be any different than all the failures to act after previous mass murders by firearm in recent years.


Past history strongly suggests that all we will get is thoughts and prayers, nonsensical explanations for why we can’t do anything and, way too quickly, moving on to other matters including the next, inevitable episode of violence.

Just Following Orders

June 25, 2019

Americans who are dismayed at the Trump Administration’s constant undermining of the fundamental values of this country have struggled to find the most apt way to describe what is going on. Are we teetering on the brink of fascism? Does Trump see himself as the 21st Century Sun King? Is our constitutional system at risk of being destroyed? Is the president merely a narcissist who is carelessly, heedlessly causing enormous damage?


While each of these explanations has its adherents, the simple truth is that the current government finds it far too easy to do evil—as well as to tolerate it.

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