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ChangePA kicked off its 2022 Election activities with an exciting Zoom event featuring Democratic gubernatorial candidate Josh Shapiro. Josh talked to us personally about why ChangePA's mission to elect more Democrats to the Pennsylvania House is so vitally important.


To give us an insider's perspective on the State House, we invited a number of legislators who we have supported in past elections. Rep. Leanne Krueger, from the 161st District in Delaware County and Chair of the House Democratic Campaign Committee, updated us on the new legislative maps and what’s likely to happen next in terms of the election. To give us some insights about what it’s like to be in the minority in Harrisburg and why it’s critical to elect additional Democrats, we heard from Rep. Jennifer O’Mara of Delaware County’s 165th District and Rep. Joe Webster of Montgomery County’s 150th District.


In addition, Mark Bernstein detailed ChangePA's plans for evaluating and selecting candidates to support in the 2022 election. We intend to build on our past success of supporting winning candidates, and we want you to be part of this important process.


Watch the video below to see the whole Campaign Kickoff or review the slide deck about the new maps and ChangePA’s plans!

2022 Campaign Kickoff
Featuring Democratic Gubernatorial
Candidate Josh Shapiro

ChangePA Shapiro Krueger Omara Webster.jpg
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